Wednesday, May 15, 2013

Whole 30

So anyone who has seen my in the last 30 days has had to hear about whole 30 from me :p
I am so happy to be done but SOOO glad that I did it.

How I feel:
Great! I lost 8 lbs during the 30 days. I KNOW I lost inches in my waist but sadly I didn't do before measurements. I feel a lost less emotional, I have more even energy (no afternoon sugar crash) and I feel more focused. I've been getting more accomplished each day and find myself just wanting to lay on the couch all evening.

What I learned:
I have control over what I shove in my mouth
I will survive if I don't give into a craving
I Love Broccoli especially with scrambled eggs
Avocado is really good on Burgers
Who needs a bun burgers and hotdogs are great without them
Cauliflower makes a yummy rice and mashed potato substitute
I DON'T really miss soda
I can cook 3 meals a day and not hate my kitchen :)

Was it Hard?
The First week was Bad, really Bad for me. I had headaches most days and was super tired, like falling asleep at 9 tired. My runs suffered most of the time (I was about a Minute per mile slower). BUT by the second week I started to feel better, started to look forward to eating my meals and loving what I was eating. Now it feels pretty natural. Yes I would still love to shove a piece of candy in or grab some chips for a snack, but I know I can find something better and just as tasty to hold me over.

What's Next?
Well Evan and I have decided to pretty much continue eating this way so we will remain Paleo/Primal. Being Primal just means that we will add in Dairy in small quantities. We are also going to add back in regular potatoes, again in moderation (no homefries with every meal). Plus we will allow ourselves Up to 3 Cheat MEALS a week (Yay for date night returning)!

Okay below are my progress pictures from over the last 18 months. January 2012 is when I finally decided to be in control again. I did P90X at the beginning of 2012. Then around April I started counting calories with MyFitnessPal (which I love and occasionally miss). I also started running again at least 3 days a week. At the end of 2012/start of 2013 I took a break from workout and calories and sadly gained 9 lbs. When a friend of mind mentioned Whole 30 and I told Evan about it, we decided to go for it. We also have been doing P90X together as well (only 3 more weeks to go on it), plus I run on Tuesday nights.

These pictures are weird to for me to post, I don't usually plaster bikini pictures of myself for the world to see but here goes. There are 3 of each view 1 - Jan 2012, 2 - July 2012, 3 - May 2013

Monday, February 18, 2013

More School Stuff

Here are a few more pictures of school time fun with Alan. This week John is out of school so I have to get some shots of him on here too :)

Pictures are from our Letter F work and Valentines Week. When we did the letter E a few weeks ago he refused to let me take pictures HAHA. Also excuse the dirty table I kept forgetting to wash off the paint marks, I promise it is clean now!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013


Time is going by so fast....I can't believe that next school year Alan will be old enough for PreK. I'm still not fully convinced HE is ready and so we are working hard at learning all that I have been slacking on. Poor second child! He is keeping me on my toes though :) We are focusing on a letter of the week with a few Holiday Themes thrown in. Last week was the Letter D and he seemed to have a lot of fun, I think he is finally getting the hang of this "Schooling" thing.

We had a few other printables that went along with this one, it's from 1plus1plus1equals1

this duck is from one of our favorite site LearnCreateLove

These Two Dino Activities are from our Other Favorite site Confessions of a Homeschooler

LearnCreateLove again :)

Pinterest Color Sorting Activity, He LOVED it :)

And of Course one for fun. He was dying to make a silly face.

Family Day

Last week we had a family day and headed to the Aviation Museum. We had a blast. The boys were amazed at all of the different planes and Evan had a great being able to answer all of their questions. My camera battery died so I was only able to get 2 pictures :( I took more on my phone but they weren't very good. Here are the 2 I did get.

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Happy New Year, a little late.

Okay well for December I kind of fell off the posting wagon. It was a busy month for us. Between being sick off and on, getting ready for Christmas and other obligations it was not stop mental craziness for me. So now we are back to our regular schedule :)

Over all Christmas was good. I was super sick but the kids were happy and that's all that mattered. I was a horrible mom though a literally took 2 cell phone craptastic pictures of the entire day. Mommy Award I know. John's santa present was an Imaginext Castle that he LOVES and Alan got the Imaginext Batcave. They have been great toys and I love that both boys can play with them together. They also got spoiled from grandparents, aunts and everyone else. Thank you everyone!!

New Years was much better. We were all feeling better and headed down to Florida. We always love our time with family and this was a great trip. We spent New Years Eve at my in laws and my Sister in law and Brother in Law came over with their kids. It was a fun night with lots of yummy food. Alan went to bed around 10 and John so tried to make it until midnight but crashed on the sofa around 11:30.

On January 1st, Evan and I celebrated our 13th wedding anniversary, cannot believe that we have been married that long! My mom kept the boys overnight and we had a great day out together. We went to lunch, the movies, bowling and dinner :)

Anyway I thought I would update. I promise next time I will include pictures!!

Monday, December 3, 2012


The boys got to see Santa on Saturday at our church dinner. They were super excited and I was SHOCKED that Alan sat with no tears.

This picture was totally unprompted, he said he was telling Santa what Alan wants for Christmas :)

Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Picture Update

So yeah I didn't make it on the Thankful posts. Oh well, almost on to a new month :)

I have a few pictures from our quiet Thanksgiving I wanted to share and also some outtake shots from pictures of the boys for Christmas items.

We had a nice a relaxing Thanksgiving. Evan had to work from 12-8 so we went out and met some friends for breakfast and then came home in time for Evan to had out for work. The boys and I decided to put up our Christmas decorations in the house and we feasted on our Favorite Chips and Dip :) It was great! I love this time of year. John loves all Holidays and Alan is really excited about Christmas this year. He loved everything I would take out of the boxes to put up :) I can't wait until Christmas morning!!

So enough babble here are my cuties!
Turkey Craft Time

After I got the tree up

Best Money I've ever spent, especially since I got it super cheap last year. Thomas Christmas set with lights and music. Alan plays with it everyday.

Christmas Outtakes. I actually got some great pictures of them, but these are some that didn't make the cut.